Monday, October 3, 2011

In the Test Tube with David Suzuki

As a famous line from a movie once said..."Don't Panic"!

But now is a good time to think about what YOU can do in the coming year for the planet we all depend on, Earth. Our home.

Reduce your consumption?


What ideas do you guys have?

I'm not saying that we're running out of food, space or resources (even though I believe 2 of those things) and need to go into a major panic because we're not going to wake up tomorrow and suddenly have nothing to eat...but in order to maintain the life we have right now it behooves us to practice self reliance and to live either within or below our means so that should a sudden illness or job loss happen, we've got some reserves. To make good choices with our spending dollars (cheaper is not always better) we need to make informed choices. To make goals for our families and ourselves individually we need to have a clear idea of where we want to head and the steps needed along the way. And by accomplishing one tiny step at a time we get closer to our goal.

So I'm setting a personal goal to store a certain amount of food by Christmas. Infact I'm going to spend less money on the kids gifts, dates, and other frivolous stuff in order to accomplish this goal. Rather than all the cheesy little things we pick up for them at Christmas, I'm going to look seriously at getting them a bigger gift each and making it a well-thought-out one. And I'm making them each a quilt for Christmas too. My friend Laura does embroidery so I'm going to have her make up a panel for each of them with a saying on it and then I'll build it into a quillow for each of them. Oh, a quillow is a quilt either tied or stitched together that folds into a pouch (attached ) to become a pillow. I thought they'd be a nice practical and personal gift plus it's a way of using some old quilts up into something new. And if I'm really on the ball I might get some made for the grandkids too. Wish me luck! 12 weeks left until Christmas!

Anyways, I digress...

Here's a video for you to consider. I can't paste the code for it so please follow this link.

Contest winner announced after our 4H meeting tonight.

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