Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June Work Schedule

You can tell by my lack of blog entries that we have been keeping really busy in May. June is here, and finally some warmer Spring weather. Frost earlier this month is now hopefully the end of icy weather and according to the biodynamic calendar, it's time for warm weather crops to get planted in the garden. Beans, squashes, flowers, those are on my list for today. Melons will wait another week to go outside but we have them in the greenhouse. Plus tomatoes and peppers. Early potatoes are already in the ground for mid summer new potatoes and timed to be ready along with carrots and peas for hodge podge, a local delicacy soup made with fresh potatoes, carrots, peas and cream.

We were hoping to start work on the ponds this weekend but unfortunately the excavator we rented is broken so those projects are on hold. I guess that gives us more gardening time so it's ok. Goodness knows with a late spring we're a bit behind. 

We have lots of plants in the nursery and for sale at the farmers markets. The Mid Valley Market officially starts for the season today. Our new location is at the New Beginnings Church beside DQ on Bridge Street in Greenwood, NS. We will be open from 3-6pm each Friday.

Thunder and lightning last night were perfect for clearing the air and cooling things off. But apart from soaking my car seats (because I left the windows down) it gave the garden a good watering and will go a long way to helping all my newly planted stuff a chance to get going. Watering with a sprinkler just isn't the same as a good steady rain. I did a bunch of laundry that's now ready for the line so Mother Nature is helping me with my chores today and let me sleep in an hour that I didn't need to be fooling around with hoses. I still need to get watering and planting in the greenhouses but not water an acre of garden. So I'm happy.

Anyways, it's 7am. Time to get to work. In the greenhouses until 9 or 10 and then finishing a few planting rows and finish the rabbit hutch. Sounds like a good mornings work.