Monday, February 18, 2019

It’s Valentine’s Day today but of course there’s not a lot of romance going on in this cold weather at the farm. The chickens are mostly all laying again and we have the eggs from our laying flock in the barn in our incubator so we’re hoping for some chicks from our ISA Brown girls and an enormous gentle giant of a rooster who we think is an Orpington or Brahma Cross. He hatched from a blue egg but his parentage is unknown. He’s huge but also very gentle so he’s perfect for our small flock of laying ladies.

We have been busy this winter making a vacuum seeder, getting things ordered for the growing season, getting quotes for our house construction and family life. The learning curve is huge when you’re acting as your own general contractor and I’m also studying environmental sustainability at Dalhousie University so my brain is working overtime. I love it though.

Hope you are all having a good February so far.