My Book - Homesteading for Everyone!

** Update** I'm back writing feverishly thanks to some inspiration from my friend Shannon Mayer who just published 2 of her novels online at amazon. Ok...back to work!

If you're new to my blog...Welcome! I'm so happy you're here and want you to know that you can leave me comments or questions any time you need to.

If you've been reading the blog for a while you know that I'm still working on my book about homesteading for beginners and those without trust funds. It's getting a little closer to completion everyday so don't worry, this winter should see it hit the shelves. You're going to love it. Rather than a book written for those who already own land, equipment and have money in the bank, this book is written for those of us struggling to make a better life either in the city, the suburbs or in the country. It's a book written for those with a dream, the willingness to work hard and be creative, but most of all it will show everyday people how they can be successful by starting one thing at a time and doing it well. How they can plan a project and adapt it to their own unique circumstances and find satisfaction in reaching their goals towards self-reliance. From growing your own salad greens to planning a full-time income from a family farm, this book will have something for everyone.

It's taking a long time to write it all down because of course we are farmers and so constantly busy. Not to mention that we are actively trying out the basic principles that we teach....learn something new, try something new, record the results and tweak it next time! So the farm is a constant work in progress.

This little hiatus while we move from one place to another has given me more time to work so it's a blessing really and one I intend to take advantage of.

Look for my book in time for Spring planting 2012!