Where Are We?

Update 2. We will be moving  onto our farm in April 2014 once and for all. Hooray! There have been many ups and downs, as there usually are in life, but we're excited to finally be moving onto our own place.

Update 1. August 2011
We have driven miles and miles and now arrived in Nova Scotia. We're living in the Annapolis Valley, in Greenwood for the next little while so we can get the business going again and then buy our very own farm. But I'm leaving some of the other trip info here below just for anyone interested in our cross Canada trip, and we're happy to answer any questions you might have about driving coast to coast in Canada.

Watch our progress over the next little while to see where we are at. You might want to zoom in a little so see specifics. Once we're on the road we'll update every time we have an internet connection. There are simply so many miles of wilderness and wide open prairie that the internet is quite patchy but we'll do our best.

It's hard for some people to comprehend how far it actually is to drive 7100 km. By road, it's the equivalent of the following:

Driving from London, England to the middle of Afghanistan
Darwin to Adelaide to Melbourne to Sydney to Cairns if you're driving around Australia
Los Angeles to Boston to Miami in the US.

If your legs need a stretch you could walk the entire length of the Great Wall of China and back again (most of the way back at least).

Here's our journey so far...

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