Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snowpocalypse continues

It's Winter in Canada so you'd think we'd be used to it, but really, I'd love to have an early Spring. Groundhog Day is tomorrow so according to tradition we'll know if we should experience a early Spring or have an extra 6 weeks of Winter. We've had several large dumps of snow in the last week and we're forecast to get a bunch more this week. I think tomorrow and Tuesday we are expecting upto 40 cm of snow and 40 mm of rain, ice pellet and freezing rain. The weatherman may change his mind depending on how the system tracks overnight but the kids are hoping for another day off school. It's exam week and they already had 2 days off school last week. Jordan's liking the extra study time though for sure and has one final exam to write tomorrow, if there's school.

So what's happening at the farm you might ask? There's not a lot to do in this sort of weather except hope the sheep wait for nicer weather to give birth but they always seem to pick a howling gale and blizzard. I guess that naturally there would be fewer predators out and able to track in bad weather. But I always feel bad for the lambs who are born wet and steaming in the cold air. If they get the colostrum from their mothers right away they are usually fine, they're pretty hardy little things.

We have seeds to start too and some barley to sprout for the sheep. I'll start tomorrow and take daily pics for you.

Stay warm my friends.