Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grow Up!!

Normally I wouldn't post something controversial on a Sunday. After all, Sundays are a day of peace and rest, the Sabbath for much of the world. But since freedom to choose life and liberty or oppression and death is core to many religious traditions the world over, I thought I'd sneak this in here.

When people heard that we lived with no running water and no flush toilets for 2 months when the well ran dry, they were shocked and amazed. We just made do.

When people heard that we had plenty of running water but this time flowing over our fields, septic tank and all across the property during some flooding and were back using our composting toilet for another 2 months they were shocked. We just made do.

When the power went out for days at a time we heated using our ancient wood stove and baked cornbread inside it, albeit a bit sooty, and made chili or stew in a pot on top, people said we were true pioneers, but really we were just adapting to the situation. And didn't really think it was a big deal.

In our modern world we take things for granted, no doubt. We forget that running water and flush toilets are a convenience not a necessity though if you live on the 18th floor you might argue that fact. And many people who are not preppers or rural farmers take for granted that if life has gotten better for their parents then they are entitled to that too. Regardless of the fact that their parents have worked hard for their possessions and taken years to get their current standard of living.

In the LDS church our leaders have for years counseled us to avoid unnecessary debt and to work hard. To aspire to things but to work for them and be patient. That it's ok to have hand me down furniture when you're starting out and gradually upgrade. You don't need to have the same level of comfort as your folks have, they started out simply too. And I believe that.

So in that vein of appreciating what you have, working hard and following wise counsel....

Here's the controversial video. Thanks to Danny Muise for the link.


  1. Genius, I love it! I have a serious problem with the protester's misdirected ire. Yes, there is a problem with corporations taking government handouts, it is unethical, and wrong (see Bowater in Nova Scotia... $250K/job saved? That's ~16 years of income for me). However, just because you are super-rich does not mean you took a government handout. Stop government handouts, but those that are rich because they worked hard should be left in peace.

    Here is another great link along the same lines.

    BTW: I only wish I was in the top 1%, but I'm not, and likely never will be..

  2. He wants to use force .to take away people's freedoms and rights. Hmm what does this remind of oh yeah How satan wanted to do things. Sorry mr Whittle so glad my life is not in your hands but inthe hands of my Crator and saviour even Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour.

  3. I was very over the moon to find this site.I wanted to offer you on this great presume from!! I obviously enjoying every bantam speck of it and I suffer with you bookmarked to monitor elsewhere novel pieces you post.

  4. I believe your directing your argument toward a generalized population i.e (protesters) wether it's over education, government, religion, ect,ect. Protest is a right. And i'll stress peacefull!. although how often do great historical events happen without violence, and i'm not saying it has not happened. I'm just saying Government for the People. not, People under the government. (religion aside.) I truly respect your desire to establish a place to call your own. and this will be the last time i visit your site.

    If there is one thing i've lernt in my travels is Social change (change in general) will, and always has happend. from b4 common era to after common era, and the people always win.