Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weather Outlook for Winter 2011/2012 in Canada

For those interested, I found an aerial photo of Greenwood, NS. It's from a real estate page which is why the property for sale is outlined. CFB Greenwood and it's runways are at the top and we're just off the bottom of the picture in the sub division on the bottom left. The mall is in the middle. So we're right by civilization...can't wait to have a farm again but love our current house and are very blessed to have such a wonderful home and family.

The Weather Network has just released their predictions for how the winter weather will shape up overall in the coming months. And here's the nitty gritty...colder up north, warmer for Altantic provinces and more snow for BC which will be a little cooler than usual. Deep cold spells and distinctive chinook spells for Alberta mean that their temps are going to be fluctuating quite a bit this winter. But we'll see. Even with a milder winter here in southern Nova Scotia it doesn't mean that we won't get snow or be below freezing, what it does mean is that as a mean temperature it's going to be warmer. And that's certainly nice for us. What we really need though is an early warm spring with good even precipitation to make the farmers happy. For planting crops each week that we're early getting them into the ground is a blessing. But of course there are always unpredictable frosts and snowfalls in the spring. That's gardening in Canada. In a perfect world though I'd like to have my seedlings out enjoying the sun under their covers at the end of March. Maybe earlier if I'm super lucky. But most of my main crops won't be ready to seed out into the main garden until May. And with my corn it could be later still because it won't germinate in cold soil. But there's no point in worrying yet. We'll just have to do what we can when spring comes.

Here's the link to the weather network's report.

I'm busy getting ready for the big activity on Saturday. I have to make soup and buns for 30 people plus plan activities and crafts for everyone. It's going to be lots of fun! I'm going to get some cookie baking done today too. Hope you're all having a great week and not feeling too stressed.

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