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We're located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia Canada.


  1. Is that little piece of horse property near Middleton still for sale? Very interested.

  2. My husband & I are retired & thinking of moving to Nova Scotia but I wanted to know about the prices for electricity there. Do they have time-of-use pricing?

  3. Yes it's still available. And the current price of electricity in NS is always changing it seems so to make it easier I'm just going to direct you to their page for the most current info. Hope it's useful.

  4. I am reading an old post regarding your move from BC to NS. Apparently that has turned out to be OK. And these rumors for "come-from-aways=

    1. Lyle I think it entirely depends on you. If you're willing to join and be active in your community, if you're a nice person, if you can make friends, then it's fine here. Of course there are still people who've known each other for generations and are life long friends, you can never compete with that, but you can certainly feel included and valued if that's what you're looking for. But you have to make an effort.