Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hail and more Hail.

Yep, it's true. Having Mother Nature for a boss is never easy. While others have been working on their tans we've been re-planting and cleaning up after 3 hail storms. But never fear! We've set our delivery schedule! Due to the weather we've had to push back the delivery dates and they will now be Friday June 4th-Friday October 22nd and possibly later. We were asked by several people to change the delivery to Friday afternoon so that they could enjoy the produce at it's freshest all weekend. Please let us know what YOU think.

Coming to our place this weekend are 125 meat birds and some 10 or so turkeys. 25 heritage turkeys are arriving at the end of next week. So there's gonna be some cheeping going on around here for sure!

The new bees are settled in their hive and the queen must be doing ok because there are lots of larvae of various ages. That's good because bees have relatively short lives and so they have to raise brood all the time to keep the hive strong. Here's some reading about bees if you're interested.

Well, time for me to be getting up and back into the garden. Hopefully it's a nice day. As long as we can have a few nice days it'll jump start all the veg again.

Have a lovely long weekend. See you in 2 weeks!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spuds and duds.

Not much interesting going on this weekend. We're enjoying a day of no kids and hitting some yard sales to find a few bargains. Last weekend we found 6 grass plants and a moisture meter for 25 cents each. Now we're looking for tools, hoses etc. We're also checking out the Market in Qualicum.

Yesterday saw the raspberries all go in and 60 ft. of potatoes. We're re-potting tomatoes in the greenhouse. They're doing well but not growing as fast as I'd like due to less sun than I would have expected this time of year. It's bumped our first CSA harvest date now to the beginning of June, and while I know that's the same as everyone else on the Island, it's still frustrating! Grrr!

Delivery dates now look as follows:

Approx. June 4th to October 29th. We're still seeing if we can have a smaller delivery in May to at least get you all started and to run through our delivery route.

Well I'm off. Gotta hit the market and sales early so i can get back here and plant more. Peas and beans are going in today. Onions too.