Monday, January 5, 2015

And So It Begins...2015 Is Here!

This morning dawned warm and windy and wet but the clouds have blown off for the most part right now and the temperature is dropping even as the weak Winter sun is doing it's best to warm things up. There's still some warmth in the sun even though it's low in the sky, but it's not enough to offer a lot of heating especially when it's this windy. But it's still nice to have some sunny weather after the cold and snowy Winter weather. It's only a temporary reprieve because it's forecast to snow again later, but at least the roads are clear again and we got a chance to empty all the ashes out from the woodstove. And when the weather was nasty and I was sickest my lovely husband was home with me so we got to cuddle up and watch movies and videos on the laptop. It was a nice vacation. But now we're back to regular life with Steve at work and the kids in school.

William moved out into his own apartment and is loving his own space and freedom. It's been almost a week now and so I'm sure he's settling into a routine. It's hard as a mother when the kids move out but I also know that there are life lessons that can only be learned from experience and so we hope he'll stay smart and safe.

Here at the farm we're just in a holding pattern waiting for the weather to improve which won't be until March at least I'd think. But Winter also means lambing time, starting seeds and planning all the work for the coming year. Today I took Jordan to the feed store and we stocked up on some hay and feed and bedding for all the animals. The owner let me sweep up his hay barn and keep the sweepings for free so I have 5 medium garbage bags of mixed hay/straw sweepings to use as bedding plus I took 3 trips with the car and got a couple weeks worth of feed stacked in the barn so I'm happy. We finished the last load as the snow started. My lungs are still pretty congested and I can't afford to overdo it today or I'll never get better and Steve's in the city so I need to hold things down here at the farm. The boys helped with chores of course and the girls moved a good chunk of the firewood that was stacked on a tarp under the eaves so it's good to have it indoors. I love my family, they're awesome.