Saturday, October 8, 2011

Victorian Farming

Today was a busy day. From Kung Fu, to picking up our new car, getting groceries and driving to cash a pay cheque. I was glad when it was all over at 8pm I'm telling you. Now Kate and I are getting ready to re-watch the last episode of Victorian Farm. I really wanted to give you some recipes for Thanksgiving for our Canadian readers who are celebrating this weekend so I'll get up early to do that tomorrow before church if I'm lucky. Why is our Thanksgiving earlier than the American one? Perhaps because our harvest celebrations are earlier due to the climate? I'll tell you tomorrow.

But if you are looking for something interesting to watch in the meantime, I recommend a British show from a few years back called Victorian Farm as mentioned above. Basically 3 experts on Victorian culture restore and live on a Victorian Farm for 1 year. It's very interesting from the farming and building skills to household chores of the housewife and can be found in an edited version on youtube. I'll post up the first one (below) and you can figure out the rest but get them all from the same person because they follow sequentially. Let me know what you think. And while I remember, this series refers to the source of all Victorian farmers wisdom called 'The Book of The Farm' by Henry Stephens and if you'd be interested I happen to have a PDF of the book I'd be happy to share. It's not 100% top notch scanning but it's 99% and free, which is good for a book that's been sitting in the Oxford University Library since 1844, nearly 200 years. Oh, and I have a link that will also allow you to download or read online if you're interested. Maybe that's easier than me sending you the PDF.


  1. Arg. Twice ive lost my comments due to my freaking tablet! Will keep this one short then.

    There is a sequal to the victorian fram called victoria pharmacy. Have you seen it?

    Also have you every checked out google books? They have a lot of tue out of copy wright books onthere, including all the ones mentioned on the show. Book of the farm, the family saveall, and the apiary book mentioned are all one there.

    if you have not checked it out you NEED too. There is one on there called "the canadian settlers guide" that yoh would love.



  2. I downloaded the show last year and found it interesting how they prepared the land with quick lime and figured out which crops and animals to raise for food and money. You have to appreciate how much free time we have today compared to a daily grind a century ago from dawn to dusk just to make ends meet!

  3. I also love the Edwardian Farm, I'm sure that's the one you mean Gord when you mentioned Quick Lime. I'm going to go look up the pharmacy one because I love to study medicinal plants and think it's a good idea for any prepper. I love google books but haven't seen the Canadian settlers guide so I'm going to look it up after church. One show I'd love to get my hands on to watch my kids was a Canadian show called Pioneer Quest if any of you know where a copy can be located for under $100. It's that time of year when thoughts turn to presents for Christmas so I'm loading up my wishlist on with books this year. As much as I love google books there's something about having an actual book in your hands... Have a lovely Thanksgiving guys!

  4. Thanks for the idea on edwardian farm.

    I saw pioneer quest and loved it, but have not been able to find it anywhere.

    i also load up my wish list with some of the print cipues of the books mentioned in victorian farm, and recieved the family save all for my birthday last year.

    Also there was a victorian farm christmas special in case you didnt already know.


  5. I saw that they put out a book about the Victorian Christmas too including craft ideas. You can get the Pioneer Quest discs at but they're $100 and frankly, I'd rather blow that on seeds or something like books. I'm jealous you got the family save all. Is it good? Is that the one with the ginger beer recipe?

  6. Havne seen the ginger beer receipe, but i'll look for you. I saw the pioneer quest there too but the price is riducilus ( i cant spell). If it was $100 for all the quest series than maybe. I liked the quest for the bay one myself.

    Have you read the foxfire series?

    Thr family save all os great for receipes for tongue, and stuff like that. It is on google books too.