Monday, October 31, 2011

Hi! Just a short post today. I'm sorry. Stephen has finally met his match with the van. He spent hours this morning taking he front end apart and then found out that the final step, removing one pin, was impossible for him to do. So now we're going to put it all back together and call on our friend Carl Comeau who is a mechanic in Nictaux, to have a look. Knowing Carl, he'll have it all apart in no time. It really helps to have the right tools and a hoist etc. Steve's frustrated but what can you do? So we're going to see Carl at 4 and then hopefully we're home before trick or treating. The girls plan is to go round the neighbourhood and be back in time to go to the trunk or treat at the church from 6-7. Should be fun! And hopefully they don't get too much candy. :) Christopher is this years designated candy giver outer since we adults won't be here.

After all the wind and rain this weekend it's actually turned out to be a nice sunny day and about 7 degrees here in Greenwood. I'm amazed that a couple of little maples in our yard are exposed to all the elements and yet have green leaves. Most of the trees are getting bare. I'm excited to see how much maple sap I can get out of the trees in Spring. We'll set up the boiler outside and make our own syrup. It's a fun late winter/early spring project. And if you're going to be self-sufficient it's a reliable source of sugar 6 months before you can harvest from your bees. It's easy too...but we'll get into that in January.

How smart do you think you are? Most people think they're above average intelligence, no surprise. But it's easy for us to misinterpret signs, letters from friends, spoken words etc. How many times have we jumped to conclusions and then had to take it back or felt foolish. I know it happens to me. I'm sure we all do it from time to time. Here's a letter to the Editor I thought was worth a chuckle. He's got a good idea...protecting the deer...but has not understood the whole purpose of a deer crossing sign.

Happy Halloween! Hope you all have a safe and fun evening. Tomorrow we can discuss recipes for all your fabulous pumpkins!

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