Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Tribute to Steve Jobs, founder of Apple

Our family, as some of you know, are not Windows flunkies. We're Apple groupies. We use iPhones and iPods. Open source and Linux. We don't worry overmuch about viruses on the web and we get things done the way we want and not the way Microsoft says you have to. Call us madmen, creative thinkers, rebels and we just smile. We're not saying Apple has perfect stuff...but it's perfect for us.

Here's a tribute our son John made to the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, who passed away on Wed October 5th, 2011. A visionary man who helped change the face of personal computing, and the interaction of our human family forever.


  1. I agree with your words. Another gone too soon.
    That is a wonderful tribute John ... I got teared up.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ... Helga

  2. While anyone's death is a tragedy, I was glad to hear of Jobs' retirement. Steve Jobs worked hard to ensure that Apple products were even more closed than Windows products. Microsoft has always welcomed competition (and crushed it), while Apple has simply refused to allow you to create competing products. At the very least windows ran on an Open platform (the PC platform) while Mac products have always focused being a closed system, only opening when forced to to compete on the PC market and later (in the hand-held market) with Nokia and Google.

    Microsoft may "say you have to" use a system their way, but Apple actually puts physical restrictions in place to force you to.

    Jobs was a brilliant CEO and made a lot of money for a lot of corporations and their shareholders. While I admire Jobs' ability to encourage people to part with their money, I am always baffled that people would buy into the Apple culture. It ends up being "pay more for the same product".

    Full disclosure: I have worked with PCs, Macs and Sun Workstations; running all kinds of obscure Operating Systems. I stand by the PC platform for its open architecture and therefore its staying power.