Thursday, October 27, 2011

We're On The Front Page!

Steve asked me yesterday what you all thought about us making the front page of It's the main gov't site to attract immigrants and tourists alike. I said I didn't mention it to anyone and so to make Steve happy I'm letting you know. We're on the front page at the bottom...just a little excerpt from a post I made a while ago. The site is good for learning about life in Nova Scotia from festivals to getting work and programs available.

I'm trying to get the books and things caught up today. Doesn't that sound like fun? Oh Joy! **I hate paperwork** But on the plus side maybe we can collect some money that's owed to us. And we have to update our Wills. When's the last time you did yours? Do you even have one? Do you know how much of a hassle it is for your family if you don't have one? I'd encourage you to do a will. Even something simple is better than nothing at all and you can find forms for free online.

We got the ownership transferred on the van...$150 later we now 'officially' own it. It's about $12 to transfer the ownership and the rest is 15% tax on the purchase price. And yes...we did declare the correct amount even though the owner left it blank and told us we could pay less tax if we declared less. But that is dishonest so we told the truth about how much we paid.

The next step in the process is to get insurance (I'm waiting for a call back with a quote) and once we have insurance we can go get plates and registration which is $203 for 2 I'll never complain about ICBC again! I'm hoping the insurance is fairly inexpensive. Ok I heard back and it's $686 for the year for pleasure use only, we can pay monthly $57.17 but need to pay 2 months upfront and get our drivers abstracts from BC first. So maybe it's a good idea to bring one with you if you move here. Once you move your license is good for 90 days before you must switch to Nova Scotia.

We're driving to Wallace on the North Shore about 3 1/2 hours away on Saturday to pick up an organ from a local church. They got a new one and are looking for a home for the old faithful one they've Merry Christmas Steve, you're getting an organ! Plus a lovely cross province trip with your wife! Doesn't that sound like a fun thing to do on your birthday?

Gotta run and get back to work.


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