Friday, October 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Friday

Today is the day I usually start all the prep work for Thanksgiving Dinner in Sunday. Baking pies, desserts, and all manner of treats. And at the farm we'd have spent the week butchering turkeys so that they are chilled and ready for delivery today to our customers. But of course this is our first year with neither our farm or our extended family. It's quiet and sort of sad not having all the hustle and bustle. I bet Christmas is going to be a bit like this too. And to top it all off I have a headache so I'm going to make this a short post and catch up tomorrow with some recipes for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

We had to bite the bullet and light the wood burning furnace yesterday. Since I like playing with fire I didn't mind and the weather is supposed to warm up again over the next few days so I'll save on wood. But there was just such a lingering chill in the house it made everything uncomfortable. I found myself loving the laptop because it basically acts like a lap warmer. The wind has died right down and now since the frost the leaves are much more colourful and the sky has more of the clear winter blue colour in it.

Tonight we're going out to the Mullen's to their outdoor theatre to watch a movie called '17 Miracles' which should be great. Blankets, lawn chairs and hot chocolate will be the order of the evening I think. It's currently 6 degrees and so it'll be a bit chilly. Tomorrow is supposed to be 24 degrees so more like a summers day. Should be a good day to get in a couple of loads of firewood.

Our Boil Water Advisory has been lifted so we can once again drink from the fabulous water supply in Greenwood which is handy. And that's about it. Have a fun day and I'll let you know what's new tomorrow.

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