Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snow Day!!

We're under a snowfall warning and the whole valley is going to get over a foot of snow apparently. So Steve is staying home today and we can go pay bills, open a bank account and other great stuff we don't ever get to do. It's starting to snow quite a bit so we should get going.

Hi again. Well, actually we did manage to get both out and back again on our bald tyres thanks to the fact the the only hill is right at the end of our driveway and with a run at it, Steve got the van into the driveway again. There is currently 14 inches of snow in most places with some drifts upto 3 feet. But it's not cold, just below freezing. This is the first major snowfall of the year and so I imagine there will be a big line-up for snow tyres now. I'm still waiting for Canadian Tire to get mine in that I ordered 2 weeks ago. I did manage to get some boots though which will be nice seeing as how I spent today walking around in my sandals.

The kids are thrilled of course because there was no school today and probably won't be any tomorrow either so they have nothing to do but play and toboggan... it's such a hard life! lol

It's been quiet today, people seem to be hunkered down enjoying their warm houses. The mall was quiet and so were the roads. We did get to finally open a bank account which was nice. Right now the sky is orangey from the reflected street lights and the snow is muffling all the sounds of people and cars. It' makes me want to turn on the Christmas lights and get some hot apple cider brewing while I sing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas". I've got my nativity sets up already but we're going to get a fresh Christmas tree this year so we'll hold off on that for a few weeks yet I think. It depends on how much the kids nag me. Since we didn't bring any ornaments we're opting for edible decorations again. They're yummy and you don't have to pack them.

If you want to see the traffic cameras for Nova Scotia look here. One thing though, most of the intersections are not lit so at night they're useless.

Hope you are all snug and warm. I've got some interesting things to post tomorrow but for right now I'm going to hang out with my honey and watch a movie on Netflix.


  1. Edible ornaments sound really good ! You're right, sandals won't do in the snow. I hope your tires come soon Elizabeth, because here in B.C. we are hearing about the Maritimes getting blasted with major snow. Our temps went up again and the snow has melted ... for now anyways.

    Stay safe and warm too !
    Cheers ... Helga :))

  2. We didn't use snow tires last year. We did every year we lived in Ontario. The snow will melt in a day or two and we'll be back wondering if we'll have a green Christmas.

  3. Thanks Limette for the hope. We've finally finished digging out. We need new tires anyways because ours are way beyond legally bald so we might as well go get them, especially with driving to Sackville and back every day. How are things in your neck of the woods. Can't wait to see you in the latest trend of 'wreath skirt'.