Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Such Beautiful Weather

It's such a lovely day today. Clear blue sky, a little wind but the sun is pouring down and it's 16 degrees. I just want to be out soaking up each little bit of heat I can before the cold weather comes and I get my bright white complexion again. It's glorious!

I went out to do some visiting this morning and had a nice time. Also made some cookies but saved some of the dough so I can make some fresh baked cookies for the kids for tonight. The boys are going out to their activity, Kate is taking the babysitting course and she's SO excited! So I think Meghan and I will try and make a pair of slippers from beginning to end so that we can cross someone off our list. We are planning to make 30 pairs in 6 weeks so that's 5 pairs per week. But they should be good gifts because of these reasons:
1. They are made by us :)
2. They are useful
3. They are light and cheap to mail.
4. The girls have learned a practical skill and that's always a good gift.

I'm going to go out again now and rake a few leaves but mostly I just want to enjoy the warm sunshine. Oh and I can start writing on the book again because Apple sent my new power supply and it came today! Thank you UPS man!

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