Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Picking the Perfect Gift

Hello! Our van is sort of fixed now. CArl fixed the ball joint and one tie rod end for us and we're back on the road. Still need to think about a new tranny soon but we've got a week or two to figure out how to balance the bills and a $1200 rebuilt transmission. But whatdo you expect from a vanwith 300k+ km's on it. Time to get the other van on the road as soon as funds allow.

It's November the 1st and we're now 7 1/2 weeks away from Christmas. Halloween is done. We had a good time at the trunk or treat at the chapel and then in the neighbourhood gathering candy.

From here on in it's life as normal for the next few weeks at least. We have the kids Christmas Wish Lists and we've got to get cracking on our homemade gifts. Christmas shopping is going to be easy this year as funds are tight so we'll just be buying for the kids and grandkids mostly. I'm making Christmas cake next week and plum puddings too since they'll keep. Then crafts can be made and mailed. It's going to be busy and fun...and hopefully will distract us from missing our family too much.

So yes, a handmade Christmas is in the works. I think handmade gifts are wonderful because you put a little of yourself into them and think about the person who will receive it. Given how busy todays world is, giving of your time is a precious gift. From a tin of cookies, to dishcloths or scarves, any gift that you take the time to work on shoes love much more than a hastily grabbed item from the store. Don't you think? I'm not saying that store gifts are bad, just that it's the thought that goes into picking the perfect gift that makes them so special. So as you begin your Holiday shopping take a minute to think about what would be meaningful to the receiver.

I think we also give too many gifts. You really don't have to get one for every single person you know. If your budget is tight then give gifts only to the kids in your family or have each family draw the name of another family and buy them gifts. In a family you can draw names for a secret santa. There are lots of ways to have a fun and memorable Christmas without going broke. Do activities, go caroling, visit a nativity festival or church concert, see your children's concert if the school does one, just spend time together sharing stories over a cup of cocoa and cookies. It's the time we spend together as family and friends that makes the season bright.

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