Monday, November 28, 2011

Warm and Cloudy today.

It got over 15 degrees today and it's currently partly cloudy and windy. So as you can imagine the snow is melting and the roads are dry. The snow on the roofs of the houses is pretty well all gone and it's hard to imagine that just a few short days ago we had 17 inches of heavy wet snow come down in 24 hours (more like 8 hours really). We haven't had the fire on again since yesterday morning when we burned 3 logs, so our firewood supply is looking pretty good if this keeps up and it's supposed to for a day or two more. It just helps buy us some more log drying time. The log pile in the trailer and on the driveway were covered with tarps but still got a little wet so we have to get it loaded inside now, and this wind is a good way of getting it dry.

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