Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Polar Bear Swim in Nova Scotia

We've decided to start a new refreshing tradition in our family... the Faires Frigid Dip Polar Bear Swim on New Years Day. Sound like fun? It's gonna take me a month to get psyched up about it as the air and water temps will both be below freezing but I think it'll be a bracing way to start the New Year. There are some dips already organized in the area and we'll probably join one of those as a family or maybe just head down to the local beach. For those of you who don't know, a polar bear swim is traditionally held on New Years Day and people go swimming in the ocean or lakes (you break the ice off first) but since it's freezing up here in Canada it's usually more of a quick in and out thing than an actual swim. And only for the crazy or hardiest of souls. We're Canadian...we know about hypothermia :)

Here's a funny video for all you Canadians who know who Rick Mercer is :

The average water temperature in summer is 8-12c and in winter below 4c in the Bay of Fundy. For Last Years Dip the water temperature in the Bay of Fundy was recorded as -3c (26f), cold enough to form sea ice. Brrr! Suddenly Parksville with it's year round 12c (54f) is looking nicer!

The kids are all up now (it's Wednesday morning at 7 am) and so far the idea of the polar bear swim is having mixed reviews. Chris is just leaving to get his bus and the girls are packing a lunch. There's the most beautiful sunrise this morning and the sky is pink and blue. I envy Steve getting to see the sunrise every morning and that's one thing about teaching early morning Seminary that I miss. Also speaking to our son John and our friend Vicki yesterday has made me a little homesick because we miss them and their families, yes, even you Garry! Happy 60th!! It's very weird for Steve who has never lived away from the kids much before. Sure they've moved to Montana and back or Vancouver but this is the first time he's moved away from the West Coast and it's a long drive for us to get back there. We could maybe do it in a 4 day drive if we barely stopped to sleep and went directly there with no detours, if we drive through the US it's the same mileage but gas would be cheaper and the roads are faster so we could shave off a day or we could fly which is much faster, but that's expensive. Actually, I guess it's cheaper than gas for the van if it's only one person going. Our van would likely cost about $1000 each way whereas a flight even with taxes is that much for both ways. If I ever get enough money together I'd like to send Steve back for a visit, maybe Westjet will have a really good sale sometime. Well enough melancholy, I've got to get the last 3 kids off to the bus so I've got to go. Have a great day!

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