Sunday, June 5, 2011

Itinerary for our cross Canada Trip

For a more up to date Itinerary (because our plans keep changing) we now have a dedicated page. Once we actually get closer to our moving day you'll be able to follow us across the country and see where we are!

Day 1 Wednesday July 27th. 10 am Leave Qualicum Beach for the last time. Sniff! And begin our adventure. Yay! Arrive in Victoria, BC. Stay at Mom and Dad's for the night. Have some fun being tourists and hopefully convince Mom to make her delicious potato salad. I challenge you to find a better potato salad maker!

Day 2. 6 am Leave Victoria and catch the early ferry to Vancouver and the mainland. Visit Lynne and the boys (our grandsons), visit the Vancouver Temple (the first one on our tour) then hit the open road! This is our first night actually sleeping on the road. We should be able to make it to Kamloops before stopping but we'll go as far as is practical.

Day 3. Drive through the Rocky Mountains past Mt. Terry Fox, through Jasper National Park. Stop anywhere interesting. Perhaps go past Spruce Grove and see the house Brian (the kids bio dad) was raised in. Arrive in Edmonton in the afternoon and take Brian all his stuff. Visit WEM (West Edmonton Mall) and other attractions plus the Edmonton Temple (#2 on our list). Kids stay at Brian's, Elizabeth and Steve park the Moho at WalMart for a night or two and shuttle the kids as necessary.

Day 4. Saturday July 30th. More West Edmonton Mall. Maybe the rollercoasters and waterpark today.

Day 5. Sunday 31st. More Edmonton. Places to go...People to see, Church to attend. Ok, enough already, it's time to move on.

Day 6. Monday August 1st. Pick Brian and kids up very early (6am) and head for Drumheller. The Royal Tyrrell Museum is a must visit. But it's also mid summer and Drumheller is dessert so VERY HOT. Let's plan on getting there right as they open and then having lunch, walking the dog, and hitting the road for Calgary and a relaxing evening with the Mums.

Day 7. Tuesday 2nd. Play tourist in Calgary. See the zoo, our old house, the site of the under construction Calgary Temple, do laundry. Have showers with lots of water pressure and hot running water that lasts more than 3 minutes. Ahhhh....Divine!

Day 8. Wednesday 3rd. Leave early for Lethbridge. Head smashed in Buffalo jump on the way. Arrive in Lethbridge in the early afternoon. Veg!

Day 9. Thursday 4th. Brian and kids have time with their Grandparents. Stephen and Elizabeth have a day to themselves and take the kids to the Temple (the first built in Canada and #4 on our list as we drive east) in Cardston. Catch up any laundry while Grandma isn't looking and shop for food for the road.

Day 10. Friday 5th Regina! Yep, we're heading for Saskatchewan! Flat flat flat. Nothing but big beautiful blue sky. Regina Temple. Camping at the Walmart!

Day 11. Saturday Winnipeg. Still flat, but not quite so bad. Provincial bird of Manitoba...the mosquito. Reportedly the size of hummingbirds. See the site for the Winnipeg Temple which was just announced. Stay at Lilac Resort and enjoy an afternoon and the following morning relaxing pool side. As long as they let us in with a goat.

Day 12. Hey hey we're heading to Thunder Bay. Staying at the Walmart another day!

Day 13. Can we make it to Sault Ste Marie? Let's see! We're just staying at Walmart so it shouldn't matter what time we roll in.

Day 14. Toronto! Temple and shopping! And Walmart sleeping most likely too.

Day 15. Ottawa to see the houses of Parliament. And other cool Canadian stuff. Kate has it all planned out.

Day 16. Montreal. Oo la la. Real french bread and another Temple. We can tour for a few hours and then head on to historic Quebec City and further still into New Brunswick to Edmundston for a much needed sleep! Zzzzzz.

Day 17. Fredericton, Moncton, Sleep our last night in our home on wheels? We'll be running out of fresh clothes so that's probably a good thing.

Day 18. Saturday August 13th. Meghan's 8th Birthday! Arrive at out new home in NS. Tired, happy, and in need of both a shower and laundry. Oh to sleep on my real mattress again!

This just our basic plan and I'm sure it'll be changed yet. We'll keep you posted. We're still a few $$$ short of out goal so feel free to donate! Or sponsor us! Would you like to see your ad travel right the way across our beautiful country?


  1. Good luck with your big trip! I hope everything goes smoothly and NS is all you dream of. We live in England but are planning a move to the South Shore of NS in a few years. We're here visiting at the moment - such a beautiful place.

    Looking forward to checking back on your blog and following your move.

    Sarah (

  2. Thanks Sarah! I hope you enjoy reading all about our adventures. Where in England are you from? I'm from Crawley, Sussex.

  3. Well it sounds like one heck of a trip.
    Hope to see you in Ontario..Toronto is close.
    If you go a little further south you will find Niagara Falls...worth a look.
    Hope all goes well...good luck and God bless you with a safe and fun trip.