Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Homesteading for Everyone

Homesteading is possible for everyone to a greater or lesser degree. From growing salad green and herbs in pots, to keeping a few chickens, to raising crops for the commercial market - everyone can become a little more self-reliant. Learning a new skill like sewing or how to use basic hand tools can make you independent from paying a handyman or calling your Dad to come fix things.

This is the idea behind my book, that you don't have to know everything right now or have a ton of money right now to make a better life for yourself.

Don't think it's possible to learn new things? Let me tell you about John, our son. John is a fantastic salesman and our family expert on anything Apple Computer related. He is the epitome of the 'computer geek'. Well both the and his wife had a dream to convert an old school bus into a home and then begin a journey to research what makes some farms successful by visiting them all over Canada and the United States. Sound like a lot of work? YOU BET!! But he did it, learning how to do things one step at a time, and asking for help when he needed it. It helps if your Dad can do electrical and plumbing. But John has learned so much and put his knowledge into action. Their bus is almost ready to go and they are leaving on Monday to begin their trip! You won't believe how beautiful their place is, go to Nicolefaires.com and you can see videos and loads of pictures.

So with enough perseverance, time, and effort anyone can create something wonderful! John and Nicole have made a happy family, a successful life and contributed to making this a better planet through their dedication and hard work. And it was hard work, our hats are off to them both!

Please consider supporting us as Authors. Buy Nicole's book or sponsor our family so we can continue working for a better planet one book and one small family farm at a time.

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