Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teenage Life in a Trailer

I was thinking you'd like to know what it's like from a kids perspective so I'll get each of the kids to write a blog entry. Today I asked Chris to write something about what it's like living in a trailer and here's his unedited response.....gotta love teenagers and their cheerful and non-sarcastic attitudes. Of course, it's like the weather, if you don't like it just wait 15 minutes and it'll change.

the trailer is small and cramped. living in such tight close quarters with my siblings is agonizing. i miss not having a big shower and a spacious bathroom. having my bedroom roof 3 inches from my face when i am sleeping is disconcerting. not having a proper stove which results in my mother burning our food on the BBQ is rather annoying. living in a sand riding ring and having sand get into everything i own really irks me. having very little privacy from pretty much everyone is irritating. and being told to post on this blog so people feel sorry for me (which you should) is a little bit annoying. so please save me from this close proximity to my family! and i just had my grade 9 english final so i refuse to capitalize or correct anything. -rant of a 14 year old trailer dweller.

Mum's note: I only burned dinner three times in 6 weeks!

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