Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Small Family Farms Are Important

I realize that I'm biased. Being a small family farm, we struggle with weather, crops, selling for a fair price, and competing with the food prices from grocery stores. I know I've posted it before but here's a great video. Although aimed at Canadians, it should make everyone stop and think.

So, would you pay a little extra for your food if it was local?

Supporting family farms is essential to our community identity and makes it possible for us all to know a little more about our interdependence. I can give you lots of reasons why it's better to buy local but you already know. I just want you to think about it the next time you go shopping. If you are a farmer, how do we teach people about the importance of supporting us farmers? It's important that both growers and consumers know what to expect out of our relationship.

Steve just got home and it's late.

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