Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer is Here at 10:16am local time.

Yes it's official. Summer will be here in a matter of minutes. And it actually looks like it will be a lovey day. Warm, 21 c. Sunny. Light breeze. Do you know what that means? Laundry!! Yay!! I know it's sad to see someone get so excited about laundry but there's not really anywhere you can hide the dirty laundry in such a small place as this. I've already got it washing and the next load sorted and awaiting it's turn in the machine. The line is hung and waiting to receive wet clothing. After I've got that done I'm going to reorganize the motorhome a little and go on a hunt for knives. It's Jordan's turn to do the dishes and so of course the pile is huge and undone. He's getting it slowly caught up but all our knives seem to have disappeared. Dreadfully inconvenient when we only had 6 to start with.

We're going to do appliance calls this morning then get to the painting this afternoon while the kids clean out their trailer. It really needs a good scrub. Chris wrote one of his final exams this morning and says it was ok except the teacher had them practice an essay for a specific topic she said was on the exam and when he got to that part the question was different, but he did his best. He's got science tomorrow and then I think that might be it for the year. Good, more slave labour!! Just in time to rip apart the trailer and re-build! Poor guy, he probably thinks he can rest and relax for the next few weeks but his diabolical mother has other plans.

I'll add more to this post later and let you know how it's going with the painting.

Best Wishes to all for a happy and productive summer!

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