Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just An Update

Gosh it's a bit chilly this morning. Hard to believe it's nearly the first day of summer. I guess this is one of those things you don't notice so much when you live in a home or apartment because the thermal mass regulates the temperature. But there's a lot less mass in a little motorhome and less insulation to so the temperature regularly fluctuates in here from 10 degrees overnight to 26+ with the blinds closed on a warm sunny day. To help regulate the temperature we open the roof vents and windows when it's hot and we have reflective sun shades, you know the kind you put on your dashboard, all around the front cab windows. It's lowered the maximum afternoon temperature by about 8 degrees on a sunny afternoon so they're working very well for the $2 each that they cost.

Stephen has a lot of the taping in place so that a first coat of paint can be applied to the exterior siding and the trim. We've decided to paint the blue paint up to the bottom of where the orange stripe currently is because of course we have a lot more blue paint now thanks to the generosity of General Paint :) If we have any left I think I'd like to see if it will stick to the tar on the roof because the black is no doubt heating up a lot in the sun. As the paint is a latex base I think it might do well on the tar covered roof but we'll see.

To prepare for painting we're waiting for a nice day and today might be it, the forecast is for windy but dry. I should be at least able to get a first coat on and take a tack cloth to the sides to remove some of the dust that's accumulated since it was scrubbed.

Another major thing to get done today is to sort some stuff at our storage locker. Obviously the less stuff we can take the better so I should get photos and put some ads on Kijiji. Time to get up and cracking!

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