Saturday, June 25, 2011

Canada Post Strike 2011

** It's Tuesday June 28. The mail should be delivered today all across Canada. I'll let you know how it goes. I wonder if the backlog will take them a long time to sort out because I still want my water heater and my seat belts are in the mail too. People shipping USPS can now send shipments to Canada. Hooray!**

***Ok, went to the post office because lots of people in the grocery store said they'd finally got their pension cheques etc. Alas, our box was empty. Nothing. Nada. Not even junk mail. After nearly 3 weeks I didn't get any mail? How is that even possible? As it turns out we spoke to lots of people in the same boat that got no mail delivered today. I guess it will take Canada Post a while to sort things out, only now we have a long weekend coming up for Canada Day so no mail once again. Sigh.Did you get your mail??***

Main Post.
Will it ever end? It's so frustrating not to have mail service. Any payments mailed by customers are sitting there in the system, the hot water heater we ordered should have been here already and no doubt it's sitting in a warehouse somewhere. It's been a couple of weeks now and they still can't get it sorted out. So, the gov't steps in to legislate them back to work and one party, the NDP decide they don't want it so they filibuster the proceedings.

I, Like many other Canadians have had enough. Canada Post employees are certainly worth a fair price for their labour. Notice I said a fair price? I'm not going to get into the debate about how much more than $23 per hour they should be earning but I will say this...I know of more than one hardworking apprentice (mechanic) who is learning and working hard for $12 per hour in shops where the labour rate charged to customers is $85. But right now I just really want my HOT WATER!!!

****June 27th. The strike is over! Canada Post are back to work today sorting mail and delivery resumes tomorrow morning. Hooray!! ****

Ok, enough of the rant. How are things with you all? Steve spent most of the day yesterday playing with his Altair computer that we want to sell, getting it dusted and cleaned up and checking the processor. I got court docs done and went to the lawyer. Chris worked at Qualicum Bay Resort for most of the day and apart from that it was quiet. Oh, I did hang out with my friend Deanna while she was in town getting her car fixed.

About the Big Move.

Plans for today are to check the weather, hit the farmers market while it's warming up, and get a coat of paint on this RV. The weather just has not co-operated recently. We're looking for a day when it is not going to rain for 24 hours so the paint is good and cured by the time any moisture gets to it. There's morning dew to consider so painting early in the day is important too.

I've got to order seatbelts today as well so they are here in time. Steve is going to look at the steering linkage too I believe. It wanders a bit and you can't have that if you are pulling a trailer. I don't want to get a lot of sway and risk jackknifing the rig.

I had an idea for fundraising...we should have a hotdog / smokie bbq and have it be by donation and at the same time auction off our food storage. This will mean finding a place to hold the event and inviting everyone from church both here in Qualicum and possibly Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Courtenay etc. If we have it at a place that's got a place for kids to play we'll get more families out and we need adequate parking too. I'm thinking that Community Park might work or Qbay Resort might work too. Any suggestions?

Rats! It's just started to rain. Wouldn't you know it! Gotta run but will check in later. I have pics to post and a camera that will do it now!

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