Friday, June 17, 2011

How the Painting went

Well, we ended up having to water down all the coats of paint because it was drying right in the tray. Envirogard can be watered down 10% so we did and it made application much easier and didn't dry as fast which meant saving us from a bunch of lines and streaks. We now have all the trim covered in 2 coats, the orange stripe in the middle and on the top are now covered in 2 or 3 coats and any nasty spots are primed. The vent covers and window frames are done too and the paint has adhered very well to the bare aluminum. A slight change in plans though. We've decided to finish up all the cream coloured paint including the cab (which needs sanding first to remove the test paint that got damp and bubbled) before moving on to the blue. I think one more day and the paint will be all done and then it's just a matter of leaving it to cure and attain maximum hardness and durability which takes 28 days. Already it's pretty scratch resistant, Ssshhh...don't tell Steve but I checked it out with a mark!

Beautiful sunset tonight. Off to bed now, goodnight.

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