Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kate' s Blog Entry My name is Katherine I am 10 years old. I don't know what too say. Hey Mum, don't write that down! Sometimes it's a bit annoying living with my brother because of all the music and PS3. My favourite colours are gold, silver , purple, orange, yellow turquoise. I like art, crafts and watching Netflix which we just got. Hmmm...Mum!

Because it's crowded (in the trailer) and there is not a lot of room I want to live in a house and have my own bedroom. I hate car rides because they make me sick. When we went to my Grandads wedding I got sick every 5 minutes. I wish I was the oldest kid in the family.

People think I talk like a boy, I don't know why. I can't speak well. I'm going to be the most famous back massager in the whole world. I will work at my new house and Dad will make me a studio. It's going to be fancy. It's going to have a pool for relaxing in and a hot tub...just for you Mum.

Ok, I love mac n' cheese made with real cheese and ceasar salad and rootbeer. I love suckers from the Moncton factory. I love tacos and ice-cream, burgers, icing on a chocolate ball. I love playing on the computer. I love chips with guacamole mmm my favourite! My favourite animal is a deer. I like cats, kittens and puppies and dragonflies.

On our trip I want to see the House of Commons in Ottawa. I want to see grandma and grandpa, see nanny, go to Winnipeg campground, go to parties. I want to annoy Chris. I love my mummy and my daddy.

That's it.

Love, Katherine

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