Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day in the Life of Meghan

Hi. My name is Meghan. I am very good at hula hooping. I use an adult size water hoop and I'm 7 years old. But in August I will be 8. I am trying to save money so we can move but I need your help with that. I am the youngest in my family out of 6 kids. My older brother and sister both had kids. So that means I am an Auntie. I have 3 nieces and 2 nephews.Right now we live in a trailer but only 4 of the kids and me. And I have a bunk and it's my room. I love to share in my family and I have a neighbour and his name is Ethan and we love to play all the time after he comes home from school. We always play at his house but if we are coming to my house we go on the trampoline he has 2 friends named Cooper and Cam. Him and my class did penpals. Cam was my penpal and Ethan he forgot his penpal but it was a girl. I usually play outside. My favourite colour is pink, red white and black and gold silver oh and especially the colour of old peoples silver grey like my Dad's hair he he he. When my dad was 19 my mum was just born and my Grandad was 20 when my mum was born. But I can handle it. It doesn't matter if they are different ages it just matters if you love them.

From your friend Meghan.

The End.

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