Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A New Budget and Changes to the Plan

Our money situation is not working out quite as well as planned and as such we have modified our plans a little to represent a more austere trip. We'll only be staying in a campground for one night, meals will be cooked on the road and cheaper (no McDonalds for the kids), we won't renovate much inside the motorhome instead making do with what we have or can scrounge up. Some things of course remain constant like the cost of gasoline so there's not much we can do about that. We are also altering our plans to allow us to earn a little money on the road doing some home renovations for my mother in Calgary so that will undoubtedly help us financially. Either way I'm sure it will all work out ok.

Oh, one big change is that we are looking at the possibility of using the trailer the kids already live in as our moving trailer. It would save us the expense of having to buy a new trailer frame plus the bother of selling the prowler before we move. We will simply add some storage room to the existing trailer and rip out the interior except for the bathroom. While we are on the move the boys can sleep in it and the girls can bunk in with Stephen and I. So that's one change that will hopefully make life a little simpler as we are rapidly running out of time.

On one bright note though John and Nic should be ready for the open road one day this week in their beautiful bus, allowing Steve more time to work on our own building projects. Yay!

We are still going to need to sell more of our things to raise the needed capital and to provide for some living expenses once we get to Nova Scotia. I'm confident that Steve can get work fast but we'll need a vehicle and school fees for the kids pretty quick so the more we can raise now the better. Please Please let us know if you have any ideas on how to raise more money.

Here's the new budget

$2500 Fuel
$700 Food
$ 200 Ferry
$ 300 Repairs, upgrades and maintenance of motorhome.
$ 120 Campgrounds
$ 200 Admissions
$ 30 Parking and Tolls
$ 50 Animal food
$ 50 Interior upgrades to motorhome
$ 200 Lumber to build trailer extension and animal pens.
$ 200 Insurance for trailer and motorhome
$ 150 BCAA membership (to cover towing if we need it)
$ 20 Sani-dump fees, propane refill
$ 40 New propane tank
$ 50 Souvenirs

I make this $4810. That's still a lot of dough! Hmmm...I wonder what I can sell. We still have advertising space available for our cross Canada trip if anyone is interested. And we're willing to talk to any reporter who would like to run our story. Please let anyone who might be interested in our story know about us.

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