Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Family Are All Turning Gypsy!

First it was Nicole and John, then us, and today we heard that Nicole's Dad has moved into a lovely little RV too! It's contagious! Blue bus Syndrome! Watch out Lynne or you'll be next!

While Nicole and John are driving their epic journey of discovery in the US we'll be toodling across Canada for 3 weeks and then starting a new life in Nova Scotia where we plan to get to know the area and then buy a farm, God willing. Living on the road is something you get used to, but in the end I think I'd like to settle in one place for the next 10 years at least and finish raising the kids.

I did manage to get a few pics today of our place so I'll post them once I figure out data transfer on my phone. John, Nicole and the girls came over for an early Fathers Day BBQ because they'll be gone soon and miss it.

Here's what a typical day looks like for us. I'm not teaching Seminary any more, the final day was Friday except for a few end of year activities. No more getting up at 5!!

The kids now can get up at 7, make cereal, shower and/or get dressed and ready for school and finish up any homework they just remembered about. Jordan walks the dog too. We leave to take them to school at 7:50. Girls first to Coombs, then Chris then Jordan here in Qualicum. Back home for breakfast and to feed the dog and goat. Check phone messages for work and set out the plan for work for the day. If there is time then Steve will work on the trailer or moho. Today he was removing old silicone and other yucky stuff. The kids are picked up at 2 and 3pm so after that it's home and start making dinner, laundry, more work or whatever may be the case. The kids usually hang out for a few hours playing video games, watching the family channel or Disney channel online and they LOVE the trampoline! dinner is usually sometime between 6-8 depending on what's happened during the day and if we have an activity like Young Men or visitors for dinner. Bedtime for the girls is 8:30. 9:30 for the boys but they sometimes stay up a little later. Stephen usually crashes around 1am (night owl) and I'm usually totally useless after 10, I'm still waking up early so consequently have to go to sleep early. If I get to sleep at 2am like I did on Saturday night I still wake up early but I'm tired all day. So despite rumours to the contrary, our life is very normal. Work, school, play, bed. The only difference with living in an RV is where you sleep. Oh, and the bathroom, and the tiny kitchen. But you adapt.

Goals for today: Put up the screen shelter to have a bug free place in the shade to hang out. Make an outdoor shower, put away all the clean laundry and find a smaller steering wheel.

Why a smaller one? The one we have is in rough shape and 17.5" so a bus or truck size. You can't get a cover that big without going to a truck dealer apparently. Canadian Tire and Lordco don't sell them. They suggested the Kenworth dealer. But having a smaller one like a regular van or car might be a way to go too. Gotta run. Will check in later.

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