Friday, November 18, 2011

Snow! Well, sort of.

There was a light rain when I went to bed and upon waking this morning there's a very light skiff of crystaly (yes I know that's not a word) snow. Most of it's gone already as it's above freezing but the kids were excited to throw snowballs at each other though it didn't really work out. We checked the weather and see it's actually colder everywhere else in Canada than here. The prairies are downright nasty with blowing snow and freezing cold temps. Even Victoria BC. This cold snap is due to be gone tomorrow again but it is a sign of things to come so don't worry, all our friends on Vancouver Island can still laugh at us when we have snow and you have daffodils. We won't mind. It's a lovely blue skied day today and so I'm not complaining. Currently our thermometer at home is reading 2 degrees outside and 16-17 inside depending on the room. The kids rooms are filled with sunlight and so they'll warm up quickly. I also lit a small fire again to take the chill off the house. Just 3 pieces of wood should do it I'd think. I just want it a degree or two warmer so that I'm more comfy when sitting at my desk typing away. It's the sitting still that makes me feel chilly. Now I know why older people have lap quilts and fuzzy slippers.

I'm working on a post for the budget challenged in regards to cheap meals. Hopefully have that on here later today. But for now I've got to run. Have a fantastic day. Elizabeth

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  1. I check the NS webcams daily and have noticed that NS consistently has better weather than we do here on the west coast. Yesterday as I looked at one webcam in Halls Harbor, I couldn't help but notice the most beautiful blue sky along with the blue of the ocean. We don't see too many blues like that here where we are.
    We did have snow falling a couple of nights ago and the kids and I loved it. But as the weather goes here, the snow usually doesn't last for more than a few hours before it's raining and turning to slush.
    Yes we do probably see the daffodils a bit earlier, but there's just something about the blues in NS (along with other pros) that has us very seriously considering a move in that direction.
    We do love to read about your adventures and find all your posts very helpful since you have done something my husband and I have been hoping to do for a few years now. Your information on living a more self sufficient lifestyle has also given us a lot to think about. We had hoped to be able to live such a life should we end up in NS and you have shown us so much more than we even imagined.
    One of my favorite blogs!