Thursday, November 24, 2011


Can you believe it? It seems like we were just celebrating 10,000 page views and now we're almost at 20,000. That's tiny for a blog but still pretty cool to us. Especially since our life is boring at the moment. So we are giving away a copy of Nancy Kopoulos's book "The Long Bridge" to a randomly selected person who makes a comment in the next 48 hours. Starting now and ending Saturday at 2pm. Just make a comment, tell us what we can do to improve, give us some feedback or just say hello and introduce yourself. I'll enter every name into a draw to be held on Saturday afternoon and announce the winner then. If you leave a comment and it's marked as Anonymous then please let me know your first name and I'll post the winner on this page on Saturday.

I wrote a book review about this novel last week if you want to read it. And if you don't win but would still like to have a copy of this charming look at Valley life in the 1930's just let me know and we'll get one into the mail for you. (There are 1800 copies in my house still)


  1. Holy cow! Thats amazing considering how long it tool to get to 10000,you doubled it fairly quickly! Keep up the good work.

    As for feedback, i love hearing about how things are done from scratch, or how they were done on the homestead before globalization.

    Take care


  2. Ok, we have our first entry! Thanks Nick! How's the weather out west treating you? Best wishes to the family!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    I like your blog we read it first thing every morning. How are you all doing anyways. We really miss you guys. talk to you soon.
    love Vicki

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    What a cool thing to do ... give a book ! I read your book review and it sounds very interesting. A good read over a cup of hot chocolate on a cold night. I love to read your blogs, and find that I'm learning a whole heap of info about N.S.and so many other topics. Don't change a thing !

    Take Care... Helga :))