Sunday, October 2, 2011

49 more to go!

Yep, just 49 more unique page views and we'll have made our 10,000. It seems like just yesterday I got my first follower, Hi Sir Brady!

Thanks for the inspiration you always give me through your e-mails and comments. We're in for a slower winter as we don't have livestock to tend but it's great that I can finish the book and get working on finding a new farm for us. Then the work really begins!

This is a picture taken late one evening as we were exploring the central part of Nova Scotia near New Germany. As the sun set it reflected off a rainbow in the sky. Not adequately captured from my old phone travelling at 80km/h, but still neat! And yes, that is a big crack in my windshield.

If you haven't entered the contest for a free book, it's easy! Just read the previous post for details and get writing. It's fun and you never know who you might help out with a little tid bit of information or an idea you have.

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  1. Holy cow cant believe iwas your first follower! What town are you nearest so i can google map ya! My experiencw in NS is the halifax airport, and the sydney area. Also done the cabot trail one year!