Saturday, October 22, 2011


How much does it cost you to be nice? To treat others with respect and kindness? To teach our children to be polite? Is it even important anymore? After all we live a part of our lives online where we can pretend to be anyone we want and avoid human interaction if we want to. It's a sad reality in todays world. But for most of us, our relationships are important both with those we love and those around us in the world. The girl at the coffee shop, the guy who changes our oil, the postman...even just the people we meet in line at the store or bus stop. Does it really make a big difference how we treat others?

Yes, it really does.

Many people talk about and write books about being kind to others. Our parents and grandparents taught us so are we teaching the next generation? For some parents the answer is no. They think that being polite is old fashioned. But civility is an important trait in those who want to get the best out of life. It doesn't cost a penny... but we might need some more practice if we've put aside this virtue. And I mean real action and not empty words. No matter how good you think you are...I can promise you that there's room for improvement. And probably to those you don't notice you even offend. Here's my message for Sunday. Hope you think about it and find something that's useful to you or someone you know.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Well said ! I watched the clip and it's a very good Sunday message and one which I strongly believe in.

    Have a good day !