Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun day!

It's nearly 3 pm and we're having a good day so far. Though none of seem to have slept well, we still got up and on the road early. Kung Fu was first at the chapel from 9:30 to almost 11:00 and while the kids were working on their moves Steve did a service call for a friends washing machine and I went to Tim Hortons with friends. After that we went to an auction (lots of junk) that we'll plan on going to next year with no kids and time to kill. But way more interesting was the farm auction. Oooo I LOVE those! One man's junk... but in reality there was some good stuff and some nice livestock. But I can't buy anything because of course I have to have a farm first. I couldn't leave there empty handed though so I bought some pickled eggs and some regular eggs too, just 4 dozen. The main reason we wanted to go was to see how the auction worked and what kind of stuff they had. It's a regular farm auction so there's another one in 2 weeks. Hmmm...maybe I'll find a nice pony. (Don't tell Steve I said that, he'll kill me).

This afternoon Steve is working on fixing my brakes and also going to get more firewood. We still need a few more cords for this winter so I'm going to help him. SOme time together and practical too. Today seems to be a practical day. Our friends Tina and Carl are working on their horse trailer floor this afternoon too .

Oh, gotta go. Time to do wood!

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