Monday, October 17, 2011

Just an Update for a rainy Monday

It's raining today but still not cold. If it stays cool and damp I might have to light the fire again today but that will only be the 3rd time this season so it's not bad for the middle of October. I think that the rest of the month will be the same occasional heating day here and there too. It's definitely fall now with warm days and cooler nights but even last week it was warm enough that we slept without any sheets or blankets and the windows open.

One of the things we researched before moving was climate data so we already knew what sorts of things to expect weather wise. One thing we overlooked though was the humidity and heat in the summer. It's much hotter than Vancouver Island during the summer and it took some getting used to. Thank goodness for fans and air conditioning or we'd have spent our first 2 weeks here living in the basement which was cooler. I think that if you're used to the warmer weather in BC's interior or other humid places in Canada like Ontario then it likely wouldn't make much difference to you. We haven't yet experienced snow, apart from 20 minutes last week when little white pellets fell for 20 minutes and melted instantly. According to our neighbours and friends we can expect the first real snowfall to not happen for weeks yet and often not until after Christmas. We'll see. Other people tell us we'll be snowed in for months. Maybe it's a matter of personal interpretation. Either way we'll let you know how the weather is so you can judge for yourself.

Steve just left for work. He doesn't really like driving and so the commute every day is a real drag for him. In a week or two he is going to move our little motorhome to Sackville and then he'll be much closer to work. The plan is to sleep over a couple of nights a week and to save money on gas. I'm still hoping they can shorten his work week to 4 days so he can work for himself here doing appliance repairs for 1-2 days. His one month review is coming up soon so he'll discuss it with his boss then. Right now he's spending almost $30 a day in gas for the commute so almost a third of his take home pay. But if we can cut down the commute somewhat then he'll be happier and better rested. And if we can get the business going then that will hopefully mean a bit more money too.

The girls did their Primary Presentation at church yesterday and sang a duet as well as spoke. They did very well! And the 'Friend' magazine was there to interview them which was cool. They think they are famous now! lol If they are featured in the magazine, I'll let you know.

Jordan is doing well at both Kung Fu and his riding lessons which is great. And Chris is actually up in time to NOT miss the bus. Hooray! All the kids are disappointed because the school bus drivers strike has been averted so now school is in session. I bet all the parents are happy though!

As you've no doubt guessed, my laptop is working once again, thanks to my wonderful husband so I can research away today online. Tonight we've got riding lessons and Steve is tuning a piano. Other than that it's a fairly quiet day. Hope you all have a great day and learn something interesting. There goes the bus, I sure hope Chris was on it! Nope he's just left, I sure hope that was the early bus! Apparently the clock on my computer is wrong (according to Chris). We'll see.

2:30 pm. Good afternoon! Well, Chris made it to the bus on time. The rain and wind cleared up at lunchtime and now it's a beautifully sunny afternoon. Jordan's preparing to take the dog for a long walk and grumbling about it. And our riding lessons are cancelled due to illness so our best wishes for the family. Nobody likes having sick kids, poor things. I've got french bread ready for the oven and when Kate is home we're going to make dinner and brownies, yum! So that's my day so far. I'm off to go work on the budget and get the money sorted out. Sounds easy, but it's not. After that I'm going to take an hour or two to work on the book now that it's been recovered by my wonderful husband. What would you like to see covered in my book? I'm always open to new ideas. Some things I take for granted that people know so it's always good to be reminded of the simple things. I appreciate all your support. Oh, did I tell you that we arranged for some vegetable garden space at a friend's place? It's just little, about 100x60 feet, but that can be used to grow loads of veggies if planned and executed properly. We're going to till it next weekend probably if the weather allows and then we'll leave the frost to kill any weeds and break up the soil. In the spring we'll put up a greenhouse and till again before marking out the plots.

It feels good to be planning again. We're really missing having livestock and the day to day chores of a farm. There's a certain sense of peace and security having a garden and animals, and we long to have that again. Well, I should get to work on my book and make some money then shouldn't I? I've had migraines for almost 2 weeks but last night Steve gave me a blessing and today I feel better so I can focus and get down to work.


  1. Hello Elizabeth~

    I've followed the weather webcam of NS for just over a year and was amazed at the great weather the province gets in comparison to all the negative remarks we have always heard. It seems to consistently have better weather...certainly less rain than we get here in BC.
    From what I've read of your blog so far, you seem to be happy with your decision to make this great big move. I'm always curious what other BC'ers think (so many seem to be moving in that direction) as we are contemplating the same thing.
    I really do enjoy reading your blog...glad the computer's back up and running as I check in daily to read about your many adventures!
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Last year was considered a bad snow year for the Valley. We had the driveway ploughed maybe 4-5 times and only because ours is so long. The first real snow was boxing day. Winter didn't really hit until January and was nothing compared to what I've seen in various cities in Ontario. The locals think the snow is bad but it's nothing. I don't even think we used snow tires last year.