Sunday, December 18, 2011

Burnt Pea Soup

After church on Sunday we had a lovely little potluck. I took my big pot of pea soup got a little singed on the bottom but still went over ok. The buns were a huge hit I guess...there weren't any left by the time I got there :) and the cookies were pretty much gone too. We made Pfeffernusser, a German spice cookie rolled in powdered sugar for the dessert.

Monday was busy. The kids are home from school and getting under foot a bit, bt they had friends to play for a few hours so that kept them out of trouble. We also went caroling to a local nursing home with some folks from church so that was fun. The kids all sang beautifully.

Tuesday was a day of meetings and more food. Our Kung Fu potluck was really fun. Lots of good food, fun team games and then we watched the karate kid movie. The terminals on my van caused some problems, namely it wouldn't start, but when we got home Steve was able to clean them up for me. It's tricky on that van because it has side terminals, is mounted below the fuse box and underneath a strut. Awkward to say the least.

Today is Meghan's sleepover. At 6pm the crowds will descend. In the meantime we're heading out to buy stuff for Meghan like pizza and food colouring. Meghan's buying so that's good. Our friend Jennie is coming soon to make cookies so we've got to get going.

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