Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stress isn't good when you're sleepless

It's raining a little today and warm but cooling down. It was 10 degrees this morning but right now it's cooled down to 5 degrees. All of the teens and adults are suffering today. Meghan had 7 or 8 girls over for a sleepover last night and consequently none of us got any sleep. At 4am there were still little girls bouncing off the walls so I have decided the following...NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Please remind me of this fact the next time Meghan asks me.

Right now she is playing outside with another friend and I'm enjoying some peace and quiet. I got 6 loaves of holiday bread baked and I'm going to make a few more batches later this afternoon but for now I think I'm going to take it easy. And maybe have a sandwich. I'm feeling a little stressed as we haven't received some of the money we were supposed to be paid before Christmas so presents are a little lean for the boys. They really just want a larger TV for playing their games on but it looks like it'll have to wait. Of course, maybe after Christmas there will be some smokin' deals too. I guess it could still come in the mail tomorrow, the money that is, and lets hope so. If not...well I'm going to get Chris a capo for his guitar and a new anti-pull collar and leash for Jordan's dog so she stops pulling him for miles every time he walks her. Each of the kids got things for each other too so there are presents under the tree to open for everyone and my Dad sent a really nice delivery of Hickory Farms stuff, sausages, crackers and cheese, and lots of candy. All the treats we love at Christmas, so we're going to get chubbier over the next week. And we can't wait! Bring on Christmas Eve! Yum!

Our friends the Wolfs very kindly came over with a gift for us and we are looking forward to making our rounds on Christmas Eve with treats for everyone. And looking at the holiday lights. It's going to be fun! We have been invited to a sleigh ride and caroling too so with the hockey game and breakfast in the morning we're going to have a very busy day!

I'm off to get more work done now. Hope you're all having a great day with as little stress as possible.

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