Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nova Scotia Ice / Snow Storm 12 22 2013

Here's a video William made of the ice storm. At least the beginning. We got more ice and another foot of snow on Christmas Eve and after we shoveled everything and went to bed it snowed more so it was a very picture perfect White Christmas.

Here's what it looked like early Christmas morning... and then it got windy and snowed a whole bunch more. But the road got plowed out soon enough and our friend brought his snow blower over and dug out the driveway. It's always great to have a friend with a snow blower :) To give you an idea of the depth of the snow so early in the season, those little bushy things in the yard are the small cypress trees along our driveway and you can only see the top 12 inches in this pic. I'm not sure that at the time of writing this we can see them at all but it's going to rain tonight after it stops snowing so it will all melt down. It's going to be warm for a couple of days before the deep freeze sets in later in the week after New Years. Sure glad all the animals are indoors and that we have a nice warm house.

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