Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lamb Trap

They got caught. Now looking sheepish.
Our chickens and turkeys are all raised out on pasture. As such, they spend the nights in a movable house called a chicken tractor. Now ours aren't fancy by any means but as it turns out they're lamb proof. And here's how we know.

Yes, those are the not smiling faces of some of our lambs who decided it was a good idea to raid the chickens feeder in search of a nice snack (no they're not allowed to eat chicken food because of the copper content). Upon entering the chicken tractor they knocked down the piece of wood that holds the door up and essentially shut themselves in.

We came home to hear bleating coming from over but the woods and thought the lambs were up in the trees where we couldn't see them. Then we saw Jordan taking pictures of the chicken tractor and thought it was weird. Well now we know why, lol!

One hen to rule them all, and in the pen, hide them.
Silly lambs!

Trapped! Lambs in a chicken tractor.

Lots has been happening at the farm so I'll need to add an update tonight after I'm done weeding and driving #2 son to prom and back. Hope you're all having a terrific summer and that you're staying on top of your weeds.

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