Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dost mine eyes deceive me? Is that the sun?!?!

It finally happened...a day of sun! And wouldn't you know it, we were working at the youth group's fundraiser garage sale at Q.Bay resort. We did well though making nearly $600 so far and a couple of big ticket items still to go. Camp is definitely looking better for the boys now :)

Once we got home we headed right for the garden. Reports of a rabbit were not exaggerated, one has a taste for lettuce (preferring romaine) and peas. Not too much damage but I have no intention of feeding this little critter again.

We got lots more planting done. More peas, beans, kohl rabi, lettuces, scallions and we put some leggy tomatoes outside using our sideways method. More tomatoes will be going out tomorrow and lots more seeds are going in the ground. Next week will see the planting of main crops of oats, buckwheat, more potatoes, leeks, cabbage, turnips, corn, and all the squashes including pumpkins. It's going to be a very busy week. The weather looks like it will be sunny for a few days and then showers so finally we have good planting weather! We'll be putting our first application of organic seaweed fertilizer for those crops that are up already.

On the animal front, we're deciding if we should attend the Coombs swap and find homes for some goat kids. Maybe the Silkie roosters too. Or a few odd chickens we have around. Hmmm, what else can I sell? Alpaca fibre? Maybe the billy goat.

The turkeys have stopped their big die-off so we're holding steady at 41. However the meat birds are eating and growing and eating and growing and get the idea. 5 more weeks and some will be eating sized, it's hard to believe...until you see them eat! We usually grow ours a little more slowly and let them outdoors as it's so much more healthy for them and more natural if they can peck around outside and feel the sun on their backs. They certainly seem happy.

Our injured chicken is ready to return to the flock tomorrow once his bandage comes off. Jasper the smelly Manx cat is fixed so that's a good thing and the last 2 kittens should be going to homes tomorrow with any luck.

That's it for tonight. I got most of the dirt from under my nails, fed the cats, and washed some laundry so now I'm going to bed for some well earned rest.

Thanks for praying for good weather!

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