Monday, August 2, 2010


No. This is not a post about our dog. I wanted to let you know how our wwoofers are working out this year.

What is WWOOF? It's an organization that allows people to trade work for room and board on organic farms. Basically, they come and volunteer on the farm for upto 5 hours a day, and we give them a place to sleep and meals. It's really terrific. The canadian wwoof website is

We have Byung Soo from Korea who is a total gem. He's a hard worker and has taught the kids lots about life in Korea so that they appreciate a bit better how good their life is in Canada. He's been here for a little over a month so far and has really become part of the family. We tell him he needs to come back and open his optometry practice here.

Simon arrived a week ago. He's from Germany and we're his last stop before heading back to Germany in a week. He's energetic and hard working too, and has a great sarcastic sense of humour so of course he gets along really well with both Chris and myself.

Yu Jin has also been here a week and is a great kitchen helper as well as learning how to look after animals and she works outside along with the boys too. She's funny and keeps the boys on their toes. She's also a great cook and we're looking forward to home made Korean food for dinner one night this week.

With all the extra help it frees us up to work on other things. We've also got one greenhouse finished, one planned for this week, and lots of roto-tilling done in preparation for fall planting. The only bad thing about that was that the tiller seems to be missing some tines on one side and it's very slow and hard work. The guys don't complain but I feed them well to make up for it. I rented the tiller so I hope I don't get dinged too much when I return it. It's going to need 3 new tines. I wish I'd inspected it before bringing it home but hindsight is always 20/20.

Gotta run and get some work done.

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