Monday, May 30, 2011

Living in an RV with kids

Or should it not to go crazy living in close quarters with 4 children.

Let me give you a brief description of our living arrangements. Ours are actually a real luxury compared to some. Stephen and I have a little 1972 Class C Motorhome that's named the moho. Yes, it really needs a new name and we welcome suggestions. It measure approximately 12 feet long and the bathroom is a tight squeeze at 22 inches wide by about 34 long. Ok if you're slim but a bit of a tight squeeze if you're chunky. We have a 3 burner propane stove, oven, single small sink, fridge and a porta-potti (which Stephen is hauling out to empty as I type this). The seating is on 2 benches that run on opposite walls so we have tables set up in between them for meal times and our place gets used as the kitchen/living room. The kids have an older Prowler trailer that's about 18 feet long. Kitchen, double sinks with hot running water, bathroom with sink, counter, flush toilet and shower and 4 bunkbeds. This is used as the family shower and as bedrooms for the kids with a curtain dividing them for privacy. Boys at one end and girls at the other. Junk strewn between unless they've recently tidied up. They are getting better at this but it's a S..L..O..W process.

Each of the kids bunks is just over 7 feet long so they have room at the foot of their bed for shelves and some storage. Chris has also commandeered the closet and half the counter and has set up his computer, PS3, screen etc. His electric guitar and amp are in there too somewhere. Jordan has his collection of stuff just tossed casually at the end of his bed. The girls bunks are near the door so when things fall off the bed they are really in the way to anyone trying to get in or out of the place. They're working on it. They have a small but tall 7 drawer dresser for their stuff plus the storage at the end of their beds. Kate has the best storage as she lucked into a compartment right by her feet that's nice and deep. Their heat source is just one of those portable oil filled radiant heaters and is very effective. It just basically takes the chill off in the morning because right now it's warming up. With no heat on all day yesterday my moho stayed at 14 degrees overnight which is much more pleasant than 4 degrees I can tell you! Right now it's about 20 so nice and pleasant.

One of the biggest blessings of being parked here is that they have a trampoline and generously let the kids use it any time they want, which is a lot. They have also made fast friends with young Ethan next door so outdoor playtime is good, especially for the girls. The teenage boys have a high speed internet connection and games so they stay occupied. Plus we are walking distance from the pool and we give them money to be able to go swimming or attend 'teen night' on Fridays.

I have to get going to take lunches to the girls school because they forgot again but will return soon.

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