Friday, February 24, 2012

Fuel Prices are on the Rise

It's official, gas is up again, for the 8th time in 9 weeks. It's now 137.1 per litre. Sigh. Here in Nova Scotia, the gasoline price fluctuates only once per week. On Thursday, you'll hear a 'best guess' prediction on the radio and if it's going up you'll often see line-ups at the pumps too. Prices here go up on Friday.

That property is still for sale...$40,000 and all 97 glorious acres of it are ours. So if you know anyone who does private mortgages...let me know. Heck, we'll pay upto 10% interest if it means getting the land we want now.

And just when we thought that things were going pretty good...the transmission is gone in our work van. It's not good.

But on a brighter note... the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day. I got a new jacket at Frenchy's (the used and new clothing store) for $6 and my meat order will be ready tomorrow. I got some great news froma friend that her long awaited divorce has come throgh and I got some clothes for a friend who needs some. I got to go visit with my friend Somer which is ALWAYS a delight...and so I'm feeling like no matter what happens with the van, we'll manage. Together we'll get through our trials. I can say 'together' because Steve is coming home today. He'll have to get the van towed home and is planning on catching a ride with the tow truck. I'll just pick him up at the garage in Nictaux. Anyways, I'm enjoying htis glorious day of warm and sunny weather before the snow comes tonight. Thoughts of Spring are dancing in my head and I'm thinking that picking up my taps for the maple trees is a good idea right about now.

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