Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day For People Who Hate It

Happy Valentine's Day.

I know that not everyone appreciates this day, writing it off as something for people with a sweetheart, new lovers, or as a way for the card and flower companies to make a fast buck. And maybe that's true. Restaurants busiest days are Mothers Day and Valentine's Day, same for flower delivery services. But does that make it inherently a bad idea to celebrate love? People were against mothers day when it was first introduced and the idea took decades to get off the ground. Same for Fathers Day. I think that any day that celebrates something positive can't be a bad thing. If it means that some grumpy old guy shows his tender side by buying flowers for his sweetheart of many years...that's good. If a schoolgirl makes cupcakes for her friends...that's good too.

There are many ways to celebrate love and it doesn't have to be romantic love at all. Love for your children, family, friends, and even your pets could be celebrated. Giving selflessly of your time to help another shows love and caring. Sort of like the 'Christmas Spirit' that fades by this time of the year. So rather than dwelling on those we miss, or our own loneliness, maybe this year it's a good idea to do something nice for someone else and to feel good about ourselves. Loving yourself is really hard for some people and it might take some practice so why not start this year.

In our house we're celebrating in some odd ways. I made the kids a nice pizza dinner yesterday and the girls requested sausage casserole for dinner tonight. I helped the girls make several dozen cupcakes and they had fun decorating them...I should have taken a picture. Tonight after I pick Kate up from dance class I'm heading down to Mt. Uniacke where Steve has his motorhome parked and I'm surprising him with dinner (the aforementioned sausage casserole) and maybe we can just hang out and talk about plans for the future. Hopefully the roads are good enough for me to drive. It's sunny out right now so I'm going to shovel off the driveway this morning in an effort to dislodge my van.

Have a good day, however you celebrate it. Love yourself and remember...everyone is

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