Monday, April 2, 2012

We Found Land!

I've just realized that the title of today's post makes me sound like I've been afloat for weeks, lol.

So, we didn't want to mention it until we were more certain, but today we officially made an offer on a piece of land here in the Annapolis Valley.

It's a little over 40 acres with a mixture of pasture, river and hardwood forest. The soil is good, it's not too rocky and with some drainage and fencing it could become a working farm in a hurry. It has zoning that allows everything from a farm to business to mobile home park, and the county says that they will allow cordwood or other alternate construction methods such as strawbale, so we're very excited. Yay!

We still have lots of hoops to jump through, financing, legal fees, perc tests etc. And of course we'll likely spend the next week haggling over the final selling price. But with any luck this piece of land will be ours before the month is out. And then I'll let you all see some pictures!

So if everything goes as planned, you'll be wondering what our plans are I'm sure. Well, once we've got a little money together we'll be digging a small test garden to see what grows well and putting up a cabin with a loft and composting toilet system. Then fencing and managing the land will take us through the winter and allow us to see it in all seasons...from snow to spring floods to summer again. Next year will be the busiest as we get it ready for full-time occupation and plan on building our permanent home.

Ooh I'm SO excited!

Gotta run and help a friend but back soon.


  1. Sounds exciting! My nephew lives in Paradise in Annapolis Valley. It's a gorgeous part of the world. Good luck with everything!

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  3. Hi Elizabeth. I've been enjoying your blog. I'm reading it backwards. Somewhere I read you are getting or did get a mobile home for your land. Here is the link to a good book on that subject that I read. Just thought you might be interested. Best of luck.