Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Warm November

We have been having the most glorious weather here in Nova Scotia for the past few weeks. The Remembrance Day Weekend was warm, sunny and not too breezy, making it perfect for outdoor pursuits with a high of 19 degrees. What did we get up to? I went fishing in the morning and then in the afternoon we did roofing, with the missionaries lending a very much appreciated helping hand. The small barn now has an upper loft floor and more than half of the roof panels are in. Still to be done: the rest of the roof panels must be installed, the tar paper put over and the whole lot shingled before the nasty weather gets here. Why? A nice tight roof will protect the animals inside and also the feed stored in the loft. Although it's the middle of November and we don't have snow or freezing temperatures, we will have them any day now and they'll continue for months so we want to be ready. It's easier to plan for it now, than wait for lambing to begin on January 18th and then try and build things in the snow and wind. The barn doesn't need to be insulated as much as a house, but having a good roof and walls that keep the wind out are very important to having healthy animals.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I accidenatally stumbled upon your blog and I am glad I did, My husband and I are in our early 60's (62 &63)and are seriously thinking of moving to Nova Scotia for our retirement. We plan to travel ther this spring or summer to get the lay of the land so to speak. Ontario is quite expensive and Nova Scotia offers us the sea...my husband is British and we have both lived in England and also worked there in the past and he so misses the sea fishing. We have a son living in B.C,but the cost of living is so high. My other sons live on the Rock in Goose Bay which is too severe a winter for us. We would like to retire somewhere where we could go to England to visit our Daughter or our Son in B,C, for the winter months using our English Pensions to pay for the flights etc,as both offer milder winters. Our Canadaian pensions can take care of all our everyday living better in Nova Scotia and allow us to see the boys by a ferry trip to them or for them to take a ferry to visit us. We are not interested in buying a home but want to live somewhere safe. Could you recommend any areas in Nova Scotia to avoid...or better yet any nice safe areas? Near a Market, near a Legion for card nights,dances, bingos etc. We have a lovely small Pomeranian..which is our little baby girl...a nice dog park would be nice. My Mother was a Bluenose as they say ...born in Dartmouth, raised in Turo...but I have lost contact with family back there and sadly she has passed away...but there is always hope that once there...we will connect We are fed up with Ontario...the cost...the crime...we don't want to just survive in our old age...we have all we would ever need...we just want quality of living. The British are very easy going and laid back people and I believe Nova Scotia will suit him better than B.C. where money is well needed to retire in an Ex=Pat area of White Rock. Please be kind enough to repond...even if you cannot advise us but we will know you aleast acknowledged our comment...Thank you so very much! I have read your Blogs throughout and am pleased that your dream has become a realaity! Hope to hear from you!